Thursday, May 5, 2011

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

Reminds me of spring time.
"Vajrasattva (Buddha with flowers)" / 18" x 24"
acrylic, gouache, spray paint on canvas © 2010

The last trees, bare naked only a couple short months ago, lose their blossoms in favor of new green leaves - late Spring is here, (I think - I get my seasons confused, we don't really have them in Florida, you see...) the planning stages for the entire summer are officially in full effect.

I freaked the other night at 3:30 am when I realized - "Shit, it's May."

Which meant that I now have one month only before the show at O'Reillys, and two months before PEX Summer Festival. All of my efforts, creative and otherwise, are going toward both of these events. I have set a couple personal goals for myself - to finish a number of paintings, and also attempt a collaborative piece within the theme of "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil: Haunted Beauties and the Psychedelic Supernatural." On top of that, learning choreography for my bellydance/fire troupe (still without an official name), and developing choreography for the next piece from The Penny Treats. In addition, since I have little/no funds for either of these, I'm working on writing a grant to include our major prop for The Penny Treats, helping Alex with his grant project (which is going to be SO cool... but I can't tell you about it yet...), making and modifying costumes for both pieces, and developing a workshop sponsored by the bellydance troupe for PEX. Create/finish a flyer for "Midnight...", and start to barrage the internet and appropriate local avenues for both the art show, the workshop, and the PEX fest show. (Whew. Hey at least I'm not painting a mural on top of that?? Actually, I'm just being facetious. I'd freaking love to paint a mural, anytime, anywhere, for potentially minute amounts of cash.)

In addition to all this - working on a tattoo design for a friend inspired by the imagery below. It's basically the hamsa (the hand), with the figure in the center of the design with colored circles to correspond to the placement of the chakras. I'm also adding in a mandala-esque circular design around the entire thing, with the chakras and their symbols above the top half of the circle, and underneath the hamsa there will be a moth orchid. It's for a good friend, so I'm not charging her for the design, but we're trading services in the form of a photoshoot for myself and for The Penny Treats.

This weekend I'll be working with Kristin ( to create a collaborative painting based on our theme. We're both skilled artists, and friends, although we've never attempted anything like this together. Let's hope it works out and looks great - although we'll probably hang it up regardless.

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