Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Frank's First Friday!

I will be exhibiting work this upcoming First Friday, December 7th at Frank's Kitchens Figgy Puddin Fiasco! It also happens to be my lovely husbands date of birth (the big 3-0) and this may be the first time we've been featured on the same flyer together. A-mazing. Ya'll had better come out for this.

As I post this flyer to advertise the event, I must say -- I haven't the slightest idea what I'll be showing in less than 2 weeks. Guess I need to get crackin', don't I?

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Harmonious Perfection, home-made

"The Honeycomb Merkaba" prints made for the Stella project fundraising series -- all laid 
out on my kitchen table awaiting the artists signature. 

I'm not sure if it's because the last one was so long, or because I haven't had much to write about, but again it's been quite awhile since I've written anything and I'm feeling guilty. I started some posts that were too whiny, really should be updating the photos on my website instead of just posting a blog - but alas, there are never enough hours in the day.

I recall a friend and my husband, even, getting some laughs at my expense when I realized that marketing yourself as an artist (totally, including social media, entering shows, maintaining your website and of course, creating the work itself) felt like a full time job in itself. Now that I have a nearly-full time job again on top of "being an artist" (to you know, pay the bills) so much of the extra work past just drawing and painting (the part I love) is such a chore. Also somewhat overwhelming. I only have so many hours in the day after work... and then tack on practicing and performing with Lux Arati and when the HELL am I supposed to update my website? And write in this blog? (Can I hire an intern yet...? I'll sign whatever papers I need to and give you loads of college credit! Oh, if only...)

Right now I'm working on two commissioned paintings for friends. One is nearly done, the other I have just barely started. Here is my painting sketch for the piece, still unfinished as I decided it was more important to move on from gouache and paper to the real thing. 

I'm hoping once the actual piece is done I can finish filling in the rest of the color blocks and exhibit it next to the final painting as its own art work. I rarely spend this much time on something in its planning phase, but my client is a good friend with a keen eye for design and I was right on with my instincts to plan out his painting in such detail.

It's basically a spin-off of the famed "Honeycomb Merkaba" painting I had been working on (and posting about) for much of the last year and a half. Using similar geometry, including the star tetrahedron as a center piece, this one will be square and therefore relate more to a Mandala painting than anything else. It will undoubtedly be another test in how well I can mesh together organic and geometric forms harmoniously within the same piece. Conceptually it will be more about expressing this kind of balance than anything emotional, at least so far. I'm almost ready to start drawing the design on the surface, which had to be hand-built from scratch. I realized as soon as I set foot in the art store that they didn't make anywhere near the size he wanted in the smooth surface I desired, so instead we made a trip to Home Depot and my fabulously talented hubby turned hardboard and plywood into the perfect "canvas" for this piece. Heavy and smooth with thick wooden side panels. Perfect for detail. On that note, I should probably finish sanding it's surface and start the painstaking yet satisfying process of measuring and marking, essential prepping for laying out the actual design.

As a side note, my fiery bellydancing ladies of Lux Arati and I recently had a successful gig performing for the Fairmount Park Conservancy at their Glow in the Park event at FDR Park in South Philly. We were lucky enough to be captured by their official event photographer (see the Facebook album here) as well as bring our own to document the evening and take some posed shots after the performance. Here are a few of my favorites from our photoshoot with Lindsey Tweed -- ending this post with some fiery eye candy of the finest caliber. 

(Last but not least -- FIRE NOM NOM.)
Fire photos of Lux Arati by Lindsey Tweed. 

And I've waited long enough to post this entry that the holiday season is now officially upon us. I wanted only to add that while my list of things I find myself thankful for this season is long and detailed -- I am extremely thankful for every single person who takes the time to read Midnight in a Perfect World, all of my fans, friends and family that support my work in the many fabulous ways that you do... and every day I am thankful for my patient, understanding and loving husband Alex. I wouldn't be able to do HALF of the amazing things I have devoted my life to without your support. I love you and am so lucky to have you in my life.

Silly kids and their pink hair and piercings.
(Burning Man photo tease! I promise, I'll get around to editing and 
posting all those photos one of these days.)