Friday, September 30, 2011

Ooh, a Halloween-Inspired Art Show, you say?

Flyer I threw together using images
from Kristin Scholz (my art show co-collaborator)

We are working on the flyer(s) and figuring out which artists are going to participate. No matter what, it is going to be a fun & spooktastic show. I kind of want to get like... a punch bowl and make some kind of boozy punch with dried ice, like Halloween parties when we were kids. And candy. There definitely needs to be candy.

Most importantly, I need to work on some creepy paintings, like NOW, so they'll be ready to hang in a week. I'll be posting the rest of the flyer images as soon as we have them ready.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A painting? Of mee? By someone ELSE?

Portrait (of meee!) by Beth-Ann Wilson
oil on canvas, 24 x 36

Yes, sir. You heard that right! I just had to share this absolutely beautiful painting (not just because it's er, me, because it's gorgeous regardless) that was recently completed by a friend of mine from college, the lovely Miss Beth-Ann Wilson. The original shot was taken by my hubby during an impromptu photo shoot, and it has been one of my favorite performance/costume/burlesque inspired shots for various media ever since. Here is Beth-Ann's Etsy shop, so please support her fabulous art. Thank you!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sionara, summertime

Not mine - an inspiring and creepy piece by Brian Viveros

And bienvenidos to fall, and my most favorite holiday... Halloweeeeeeen! (I think this is so for two reasons: 1. Many of my childhood games consisted of playing "Dress Up" in some way shape or form, and I still love everything about costumes, and 2. Teenage goth phase. Need I say more?)

Though I am almost done with the "Honeycomb Merkaba" painting, I haven't had nearly as much time to work on anything lately due to a very hectic regular work schedule. (Work weddings, funerals, family weddings = no free time.) That's okay, for the most part, as I'm finally able to start saving money (and go to the art store, and occasionally go out to dinner, and buy myself stuff. Wee!)

As the season progresses, a new show is in the works for October's first Friday at O'Reillys Pub. The owner, Walt, contacted me asking if I could put anything together a couple weeks ago. Kristin and I had already thrown around the idea when we took the "Midnight" exhibit down to have some kind of group show around fall time, somewhat semi-Halloween or autumnal themed. So it is a go, and we're in the process of finalizing details. Here is what I have so far:

Dark Matters

a group show at O'Reillys Pub in Fishtown
featuring paintings, drawings, and multimedia from local Philadelphia artists

Opening reception : Friday, October 7th at 8pm

And suddenly I was inspired to draw skeletons and zombie goddesses. So both Kristin and I will definitely have some new, creepy work for all of you to enjoy. I'm toying with the idea of debuting the Honeycomb painting for this as well, as it is kind of dark and obsessive, in a way.

So far there are a few artists we have both confirmed to participate. O'Reillys has a SHIT TON of wall space, so if you are reading this blog and want to submit some work, WE WANT IT. If you want to play music or perform, WE WANT THAT, TOO. And you should email me at with any inquiries.

Here are some images that I stole off the internet, (that I did not take the time to document their whereabouts, sorry to whomever made them, I sincerely apologize...) so you can get an idea of at least where my mind is going for this spooky little art show. Once again, these are not in any way shape or form mine. Thankyou googleimagesearch. Enjoy, my lovelys, and please stay tuned for info about the upcoming show and all that jazz.