Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Honeycomb Merkaba

Shot of my studio with the "Honeycomb Merkaba",
the commissioned piece I've been working on for a few months.

The painting above is still very much in progress. I'm just starting to put oil paint on the canvas - before I was mainly drawing with paint markers and pencils, trying to figure out the composition. I've also spent a lot of time making the stencils for all these shapes, and as usual, staring at it with a puzzled look on my face. It's actually a little bit further along at this point than it is in the picture. More oranges, yellows and greens have been added into the intricate geometric patterns along the bottom left. I am absolutely having a fantastic time with this painting, figuring out where it's going as I work. Since I'm good friends with the couple that this piece is for, I keep intermittently showing them progress pictures. (I normally probably would not do this with a client I don't know very well.) I'm not entirely sure of the title either, but that is what I called one of the sketches that was the plan/inspiration for the painting.

In other news, I took down the show of my work last week at The Lola Bean. It was amazing to have my work displayed in a great local cafe, and I received tons of interest and good feedback although no paintings were sold. I'm looking into creating an Etsy site for selling prints and paintings, as opposed to having prices on the pieces on my website. I spent part of this weekend and the past two days (although I have been mostly out of commission for yesterday and today due to a seriously crippling monster headache) and it is looking better with a new gallery section and this blog embedded into one of the tabs. (Yay!) Check it out and let me know what you think.
The headache is *almost* gone, although I'm still experiencing residual pain and general achey-ness. (Tis the life of a dancer? Still getting used to calling myself that.)

Other than that, working on some REALLY exciting performances for PEX Summer Festival 2011. (Get your tickets soon, before they run out!) The best way to spend your 4th of July weekend.


  1. Nice! looks cool
    For some reason the paintings on your website don't expand to their real size when I click them. The bottom parts are cut off.
    I might go to the PEX summer fest, but I'm not sure if I'm going to Macedonia this summer or not. When do you think they'll sell out?

  2. Hey risto! As for the website, I'm working on getting it up to par - I was experiencing the same thing on my laptop, but just figured that was because I have a small-ish screen. Thanks for letting me know. What size screen/monitor are you looking at it on? (I might just have to shrink the file sizes so they will be sure to fit on every kind of computer monitor.)

    As for PEX SF - they probably wont sell out of tickets anytime soon, but they get more expensive the closer to the date of the event that it gets. If you're ok with waiting and perhaps paying a little extra since you don't know your plans, that would be an option. Otherwise I'd recommend getting it while they're cheaper and if you aren't going to be able to go, sell it to someone for the price you paid.

    Hope you can make it! It's hands down the best festival round these parts. And there is a freaking pool, so yea. :)

  3. I have a 19" widescreen monitor, and my resolution is 1366 x 736. You could put in some basic javascript code that recognizes the user's computer resolution and then adjusts the size of the pic accordingly. That isn't hard to do. That way people with very large resolutions (1600x1200) or very small (800x600) can view it too.

    Yeah I've wanted to go a PEX event for a long time now. I might be able to do both this summer or something, or I could come visit you guys sometime in Philly and go to heartburn or the halloween ball