Sunday, December 15, 2013

What a slacker!

This happens every year. I get too busy and totally, completely neglect my poor blog.

Back in the early days of social networking (we're talking EARLY, like AOL chat rooms were still around, and Facebook wasn't even a glimmer in Mark Zuckerberg's twinkly little eyes...) I had something called a "Livejournal", an ancient, primitive form of this thing we have here. It was very anonymous and very few people used it to it's full potential. I, however, wrote it in frequently, as have I written in a pen-and-paper journal for most of my life. It's a sad, sad thing that I realize I'm not writing in ANYTHING as much as I used to or even should be. Do I have nothing to say? Do I have no time?

Who knows, but this is my "Art/Creative" blog anyway, so I should probably stop typing and show you guys some bloody pictures, huh?

Works for me.
In progress painting of Ganesha. I started this after extensive subject research for
some murals that I should be painting in a local yoga studio sometime early next year. One may be a Ganesha, but not the first one I'll be doing. That I will come back to in another post. 

I made these for a Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos!) inspired costume for a performance
on (you guessed it) November 1st. I even hand-painted the little sugar skulls and one of them has rhinestones in his eyes. Aren't they just effing adorable?? Yea they are. I also made a more comprehensive headdress that I ended up NOT wearing with these little guys but wore it later to a DOTD themed party (on November 1st.) Haven't managed a picture of that one yet, but here I am at said party wearing the headdress I was just referring to. 

I'm finally having fun here after a long day of regular work 
and a long night of performing. Thanks PEX for another fantastic Halloween party, even
if I did have to leave early and work way too early the next morning. 

Performing! Right, there I am. In case you were wondering, yes, 
I am spinning fire as I often do, except  at this event, we were performing in a graveyard. 

Another graveyard gig shot. These shots were from Lux Arati's Halloween performance 
for the Sexton Sideshow at Old Swedes Church in Philadelphia. I'm probably kneeling 
on some way-long-dead people right here. And then I ate fire. MAGIC!

And here is the whole Luxie family, dressed up in our DOTD makeup, 
magically matching one another and looking damn fine, if I do say so myself. 
What a fabulous bunch of ladies, by the way. I am blessed!

Alright, back to creative stuff. Made and sold these feather earrings a 
couple months ago to a friend. But I can absolutely do custom orders. Ask me! 

THESE I made for another friend as a wedding gift. I still have not gotten these to her. 
(Sorry Kristin! They're waiting for ya!)

AND, finally, for the month of November I hung my work in a local bar/restaurant called
Cedar Point. It was pretty anticlimactic, as I never got my shit together to host an opening or closing reception (also, the girl who asked me to hang my work ALSO totally did not respond to my "Hey girl, would this date work for a closing?" inquiries. It's cool though, because I really just didn't feel like it. I also admit that I didn't try THAT hard to make it happen.) This is a new series of paintings, a mathematical triptych, the specific names of which allude me temporarily and I really just am too lazy to look them up. You're getting photos AND a blog post, people, be happy. Be semi-satisfied... satiated, even. I'll tell you all about them later. With a better, clearer picture of each one. Anyway, they're tiny, each is 8"x8" I believe, and they are all math inspired and finally finished. (Some of these have been in-progress for quite a while. Like months, maybe years.) And they are STILL FOR SALE!

Last but not least... here is a shot of my newest toy -- a fire staff! I have no idea what to do with it yet (dance, fire spinning wise) and it's still unlit (virgin wicks!) and mostly un-played with. This new toy came to me as a very very belated birthday gift (it arrived late November and my birthday is in July...) from my amazing, thoughtful husband Alex. His birthday just passed a little over a week ago and I expect to give him his gift around late May, early June. :) Considering how we do things a bit backwards, I assumed that would only be appropriate. 

On that note, hoping I will get my shit together and do an end-of-year recap... or something... since 2013 held very few updates for all my faithful (now probably lost) readers. I guess my life has alternated between being incredibly busy and an incredible mess these past 6 months. Working on it, as usual. Life sometimes takes a backseat to everything else, I guess, and I have no idea where the time has gone. 2013 feels like a blur. Productive in many ways, intense in many ways, and a blur of "What on earth just happened" in too many ways. Working on it, my friends. Hoping to come out of the clouds in the near future and get on with it all. Till next time... and THANK YOU if you are reading these words!