Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In progress paintings

Finally! (You exclaim.) A post with actual PICTURES and ARTWORK. Jesus.

(Speaking of Jesus... if you haven't heard that this Saturday, May 21st, is officially the date of "The Rapture"... google it. It's hilarious. And I'm going to be in Boston at a lesbian wedding. Can't freakin' wait. )

Apologies for the shitty and/or dark photos. I promise I will fix them later, but have more pressing issues at the moment.

The package has officially been mailed as preparation for the interactive blog post. I have to wait until they actually get it, like next week, so this works out as I intended. I know you all are just shaking in your seats... quivering, eagerly anticipating what on earth I am talking about.

Soon, my pets. Soon.

Some of my work on the wall behind my studio space.

Detail shot of the "Honeycomb Merkaba" painting.

Another detail shot of "Honeycomb Merkaba"

Palette and some sketches for "Honeycomb Merkaba"


  1. I think I like your palette as much as the painting:) Looking good mama!

  2. I am super stoked about this honeycomb merkaba painting. I dont have the adjectives