Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Crunch time

Hello, everyone.

Apologies, apologies, for the lack of posts. This next post was supposed to be part of a special project, but I lost time for it in lieu of the show happening this Friday and instead need to plug that a bit and worry about the project later.

Sunburned, sweaty, and stressed out - I returned today from Ocean City, Maryland, where my in-laws have a condo right by the beach. I had so much to do I brought work with me, so I was sewing costumes sitting underneath an umbrella on the sand. (Poor me, right?) I looked at my calendar when I got home today and nearly had a panic attack. Paintings I wanted to finish will not be finished - choreography and music for performances are not done, etc., etc. Flyers are not distributed as widely as they should have been - but 76 people have RSVPed on the Facebook event page, and there might even be 3 out of town dudes sleeping over at my house! (That was sarcasm, that last part.) And of course, I think the only full meal I ate today was breakfast.

As much as I would love to stop time for 24 hours, let the world pause while I continue to work on this show and various upcoming performances (The Penny Treats will be showcasing a piece at Ruba the night before, on June 2nd, and everything else I'm involved with is being feverishly worked on for PEX Summer Festival) - this kind of thing doesn't happen, and the show will go on. It will be a great night, regardless.

SO MANY PEOPLE IGNORED MY EMAILS! That's right. Unless you're one of the people who I talk to everyday or have otherwise confirmed your presence either performing or playing music - you suck. Totally. Just email me back and say, hey, no thanks. I hate it, hate it hate it when people blatantly ignore emails or phone calls. When I worked as the assistant manager at Plaza Art Supplies in Towson - my manager was extremely anal, especially about responding to emails, among other things. Even if it was only an "Okay, thanks.- Christina" or whatever it was - and it kind of rubbed off. I know everyone gets backed up with that shit - but come on. JUST RESPOND. Thanks.

(In addition, I would like to publicly wonder why the hell The Penny Treats have had to resort to mixing our own music in Garage Band? I know 8 million DJ's. This is ridiculous.)

Below is what I do have. Hope you like it.

Here is the lineup for music on Friday night (in not the right order, yet):

Big Jawn (DJ set)
Dangerfield (DJ set)
(live dance music)
Gina Ferrera
(live DJ set & live music)
(spinning grunge, 90's rock, alternative)

And here are some of the confirmed performers:

Jenna (bellydance fusion & Sufi spinning routine)
Plum Dragoness (spoken word w. pre recorded instrumental)
Liana Luv, Halo Hooper, Jexi Icon, Lady J, members of The Russian Roulette Variety Show, Scorch, and The Penny Treats (fire performances, outside)

And here is the final back of the flyer, for your viewing pleasure.

Get your asses there, or else I will be convinced you do not give a flying shit. :) Thanks! Bye! <3

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