Friday, April 29, 2011

Oh hello, a fire show!

Above is a video just released - the performance was last June - that I and a few of my friends took part in as part of Serafina Fire for the 2010 University of Pennsylvania Health System Magnet Gala.

I'm featured in the video hooping, then dancing with palm torches, then fire fans. The whole performance was full of extremely professional, easy to work with performers - if I recall correctly we threw together the entire performance within only a couple of practices. I LOVE IT when whoever is organizing the performance or number knows EXACTLY what they want. Having to come up with or argue about choreography as we're practicing is so annoying. If I'm not the one developing it, then just tell me what to do and where to stand. Thanks.

I don't have anything else art related to post about at the moment, but this is good, too. It's a beautiful day! Enjoy it.

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