Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thank you Mama & Papa C-Bone

I'm in the middle of 8 million things right now - cleaning, making Trash Soup, following up with emails and media-internet junk, trying to think of names (I need a burlesque stage name and my bellydance/fire troupe needs a name) ... and I still need to shower and wash my hair (the washing hair part only happens ever so often so - it's a significant kind of day.)

But I wanted to take a moment and say thank you to my parents. I look at other children or teenagers I am somehow exposed to - through my in-laws massive family, friends, neighbors, whatever - and feel so grateful that my family was supportive of my art and creative interests and allowed me to pursue my own path. They certainly didn't have to.

They didn't have to help me buy art supplies, or help send me to college. They could have sent me to UM or FIU for English or business or something equally uninspiring. (In retrospect, some business classes probably couldn't have hurt.) They could have kept art as a hobby in my life instead of a "career" or whatever this is. I could have a "Real Job" right now too, and be a totally different person.

So thanks, Mom & Dad - for not insisting I become a bio-chemist or doctor or lawyer. I would probably be terrible at all those things, anyway, and even though I may never become a rich and famous artist, at least I can maintain my integrity and happiness. This is what I am and I will always be, and it's become less of a choice and more of a mission. It's clear that I have to continue down this path right now, no matter how poor I am. (On that note, I'm putting in at least one print order soon, so at least I'm selling some-sort-of-thing.)

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