Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Finally - a win on Craigslist

I've been searching for a dress form for some time now and FINALLY found on on Craigslist - picked it up earlier today for a whopping $10. It's definitely rusty, and needs new fabric. It's adjustable but at the moment it's pretty rusty all around, so I'm trying not to mess with it too much. I'm just so happy I found one - and that one of the many people I try and contact via Craigslist actually responded to my inquiry. It was a little far to go to get, but I didn't have a whole lot else I had to do today. At least it was nice out.

I've been making costumes for years now, but only in the past two or three I've been making them again for myself to wear - for performances, parties, Halloween, or just for fun. And I generally don't sew too well (or at least correctly) but I'm getting better at it. Having one of these
to use is definitely going to help.

...Other than hunting for free/cheap shit on CL, I've been painting Venus Flytraps, making feather earrings, and practicing my fans/spinning fire. Check out the facebook page (AND "LIKE" IT!) for my burlesque duo, The Penny Treats. We just started our marketing and web media this past week, when we performed at Philadelphia's Addy Awards last Thursday night. It rained so it wasn't the full on fire show I had hoped for and expected - but it was still tons of fun and great to be in that space and perform. To many more gigs in the future... and some nom nom fire.

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