Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Creation station

"Graphic design" I made yesterday for a friends meditation seminars

I had my first full week of "work" recently - I got a temporary job running the bar/concession stand at the Philadelphia Theater Company's production of RACE by David Mamet. It's only for the running of the show, three weeks, but I get an hourly wage plus tips... and some of that this weekend coincided with my other job for money, doing product demos for a natural foods company called Brads Raw Foods. Since I've been so busy making real money, I haven't had time to paint in about a week... looking forward to doing some of that today before I go bartend tonight for their opening night. It's supposed to be an amazing play - haven't seen it yet, but a few friends were in town this weekend and caught it, and they love Mamet anyway, but said it was great.

The image above was something I threw together yesterday for a friend of mine who is starting up meditation seminars here and in New York City - I'm working on the marketing end for Philly, even though we won't be holding any events here until at least March/April. They needed an image, and since I tend to include similar ethereal imagery anyway in my work I offered to make a graphic for their facebook events and other media outlets. I had promised such an early deadline in the morning yesterday, that I ended up revising it a couple more times as the day went on. The image above is *I think* the final one. It's basically a couple drawings I fused together in photoshop, along with some pieces of an old painting, and about a million layered images of clouds/skies I had already on my computer from long ago.

Since the type of "graphic design" work I do is so painterly, I often feel kind of pigeonholed into this specific, graphic genre that is more like graphic art than design. It all stems from a class I had while in college that highly encouraged melding drawing and paintings with computer work, and ever since then it's one of the ways I prefer to work digitally. It would only work better if I had a scanner. (Note: wish list addition: scanner!) It seems to work for some things, though, and I'm pretty proud of my work yesterday. If I don't get my stuff out there like this, how is anyone supposed to know I make it?

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