Monday, April 2, 2012

Gearing up for First Friday @ Buzz Cafe

Poster design for First Friday.

Less than a week away, I am busy as hell trying to finish a bunch of new paintings and prepare for my next First Friday event. So far I've thrown together designs for a 2-sided flyer (printed, though I still need to distribute my half around the neighborhood this week) and turned that into a 11x17 poster, which I just picked up from the printer and dropped off to the cafe. Though time consuming (working on those kinds of things sucks me into the computer for hours and hours) I still find it kind of fun - but it distracts me from the things I really need to do to get ready for this show. Make sure my work is finished and ready to hang!

Here is the front (left image) and back (right) of the flyer.

The biggest accomplishment I'm trying to get done by Friday's show is the completion of my year-and-a-month long painting of which I have referenced endlessly on this blog - "Honeycomb Merkaba". I really, really want to get it finished, hang it up for the opening and pass it on to it's new owners. It's truly, really, almost there. (I swear.) As long as I finish up any of the painting with oils by today, it will hopefully be dry by hanging time on Thursday afternoon. Crossing my fingers.

Just came back from visiting my parents in sunny tropical Miami, Florida - still recovering from my mini-vacation. I had to go straight back to work Saturday and Sunday, so today has been my first day off - and I needed to sleep in. Thankfully, the fabulous cafe that I am exhibiting my work at is not only a) literally down the street from my house but b) serves delicious, strong coffee, that which I am currently consuming. Not sure when I became such a coffee fiend, but it's necessary for gettin' er done, which needs to be my mantra for the next few days.

So here we go. The clock is ticking and the daylight remaining on this sunny Monday afternoon is waning. My paintings behind me are calling my name (only I can hear it), begging me to work on them just a little more to make them as close to perfect as I can muster before exposing them to the rest of the world.

Let me also remind my readers that the official afterparty for my show will be held at Frank's Kitchens. If you've never been to a First Friday at Frank's... well, you've been missing out.

Thanks to Tom Carr and the rest of the Frank's crew.

SO - if you live in the City of Brotherly Love, please make it out this week to an epic duo of First Friday events, both taking place in the culturally creative lower class mecca, the gorgeously ghetto-ass neighborhood of Kensington. Just north of Northern Liberties, just west of Fishtown. The only place that unestablished artists can find affordable rent, much less a studio to do their work in. Where we have lived (happily) for nearly 5 years now, and where I will be showing my work starting this Friday for the next two months.

Please RSVP to the Facebook event for my show by clicking here, and while you're at it RSVP to the afterparty hosted by Frank's Kitchens, located just a few blocks away.

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