Saturday, January 7, 2012

Oh! The Places You'll Go!

(At Burning Man.)

If you know me or have been yourself to the magical desert world that is Burning Man, you will probably appreciate and possibly LOVE this video as much as I did. It combines footage from this past year of all the colorful beautiful people reciting lines from Dr. Seuss's last book, "Oh, The Places You'll Go!"

My personal work has taken a back seat, temporarily (though it's almost over) to other projects and I am behind in posting pictures of said projects (... because they are still going on.) I saw this video today, and for what a rough start this year has had, it made me happy to the point that I got, admittedly, a little teary-eyed and wistful for that special far-away place and from the simple wisdom that was Dr. Seuss. I also sent it immediately to my mom, since she is a preschool teacher and was the most relaxed and unsurprised of both our sets of parents when my husband and I announced in 2010 that we were trekking out to the desert for the burn. (I think her exact words were... "Burning Man? Of course you are. You both belong there." Something like that.)

We are just getting started, this year and I, so expect great things soon. I promise. If a silly video showing a bunch of costumed dusty hippies reciting Dr. Seuss can make my crappy week better, I have high hopes for the rest. <3

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