Monday, April 18, 2011

Group show June 3rd with Kristin Scholz @ O'Reillys Pub

Just confirmed!

The lovely and talented Kristin Scholz and I will be having a show together of our work at O'Reillys Pub in Fishtown. The opening party is set to be June 3rd, which is First Friday. This most exciting event will feature a whole mess of paintings from both her and I and possibly a collaborative piece (just started talking about it, so we'll see how it pans out - probably a large scale painting) and we're working on trying to book performers, DJ's and musicians to entertain our art-show attendees for the evening. The idea is that it will be a destination First Friday spot instead of just one that people walk through and check out for 5 minutes.

Luscious warrior babe (not the official title) by Kristin Scholz

Kristin is one of the most talented artists I know. She specializes in screen printing (on paper and fabric) and is a painter/illustrator as well. I am in love with her female figures, which always seem to have the most detailed, ridiculous flowing hair in that duo-shaded style (like the piece above.) Her work is also usually pretty dark and creepy, which is an aesthetic I am attracted to even though it has a completely different aura and atmosphere than my own work. I think juxtaposing our paintings will work, somehow; I can at least rest assured the quality will be top notch. I've always wanted her to design a tattoo for me - and was always amazed how she could sketch anything (figures, animals, anything) off the top of her head without any reference. I'm the first one to have to paint from a picture or life, otherwise the image just doesn't manifest itself correctly in my brain.

We first met in 2001, both of us starting out as freshman at MICA, where we were neighbors in the freshman dorms. We soon became friends and spent most of the rest of our Baltimore years as roommates. It's not often you can find someone to live with for that long that you don't want to murder (we were fine.) Now we both live in Philadelphia and have been quietly and patiently creating artwork with all of our training and discipline while we work jobs that are just there to help pay the bills.

It's extremely exciting to be participating in a show with Miss Kristin (I sometimes like to call her X-tin - haha, get it?) and we will most definitely kick some art scene ass. Without a doubt it'll at least be a fun party - it's at a bar for christ's sake. Drink and be merry! Look at some art! And hopefully since it's scheduled for June it will finally, finally be nice outside and we can utilize O'Reilly's sweet patio space.

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