Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Buy Local

My business cards are back from the printer! (I just realized, though I was trying to take a "nice" picture of the actual cards on white paper, avoiding the glare from the light... and it looks almost exactly like the digital file I posted of the designs in my last post. Um, guess that's a good thing?)

And the lovely Gina Ferrera has confirmed as my musical guest for this week's First Friday event. It should be totally rad - local artist, local musician, together at a local coffeshops First Friday art event. And a ridiculous amount of our friends live in this neighborhood, and could probably walk there. Hell yea.

Other than that, I'm taking part (as the model) in two photo shoots this weekend ; one for Le Pavot Rouge (a friends accessories and floral design company), and the other for The Penny Treats, my yet-to-be-fully-developed burlesque duo - no website yet. It's going to be a fun and feathery weekend.

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