Sunday, February 10, 2013

Say You Missed Me

2013 is under way, and even though it's not quite the middle of February, there have been some exciting opportunities that have presented themselves for my performance and art careers.

Here is the first stellar example... the fiery fabulous ladies of Lux Arati and I were featured in the latest music video for Sunshine Superman and their song "Say You Missed Me."

Their Facebook page describes their music as "Catchy tunes, snarky lyrics" and "innovative pop" -- and although my first thought was "Okay, how are we supposed to bellydance to this?" -- we are fortunate enough to now have a mistress of modern dance in our midst. The inspiring and multi-talented Geri Vanore, aka Lady Omni, is one of the newest members of Lux Arati, and even though she is new to the world of fire, she has an extensive background in choreography and dance instruction (among other things, of course.) She also happened to be the link between Sunshine Superman and Lux Arati, and was asked by their snarky-sexy songstress Valentina to help choreograph dancers for their next music video. Geri mentioned the Luxie ladies and the band was sold. Guided by some seemingly magical unseen forces (and a lot of hard work), in one week we were able to put the pedal to the metal,  as Geri adapted some of our existing dance sequences to fit the tempo and mood of the music and we did our best to learn the new material in time for the video shoot this past Tuesday evening.

Still shot of Lux Arati with Sunshine Superman lead singer Valentina in the center 
during the video shoot for "Say You Missed Me."
(Photo courtesy of Valentina Raffaeli)

It was edited by their band member/resident videographer in just a few days and now has over 2000 hits on Youtube, which is totally mind-blowing.   

I can't wait to see the rest of the footage -- we shot a TON of takes that night, freezing our little butts off in a friends newly purchased warehouse space not too far from where we practice. There's always a measured degree of suffering with performance art, especially what we do. For awhile there, it seemed like every time we had a show there was a threat of rain or snow and one too many nights with frigid temperatures -- or, during the summer we were lighting things on fire during some of the hottest & most humid days of the season, which is almost worse than the cold. (Heat + humidity + fire = seriously unpleasant conditions.)

It looks like Lux Arati will be exposed to a whole different audience thanks to our involvement -- hopefully this will lead to more (paid!) gigs and performances in the future. Next stop? Not sure, but we are tentatively scheduled to perform at Poet-Tree in Motion again this spring at the Rotunda in West Philly. More information on that and other performances will be posted soon.  

****Sunshine Superman is playing in Philadelphia tonight at the World Cafe Live. Click here for the Facebook event page and more info. ****  

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