Monday, February 20, 2012

Determination, stronger than ever

Sometimes it takes years to adapt to change. Moving here, for example, after being settled in the only other place I've lived but home for six years was a little weird. It took me a minute (and by minute I mean, a couple years) to figure out where I fit in. Now that I've infiltrated I'm working on infiltrating my art. 52 blog posts later, here I am, and this is my quest:

I need a wall.

Philly is a city full of murals. (Allegedly we have thousands and claim to have more than any other city in the country.) I need to put my work on a wall, outside. And I need to do it for free or next to nothing, unless by some miraculous feat someone trusts me enough to give me a wall and pay me too. (I've tried this a couple times in the past year or so and it has failed miserably twice.)

I'm open to suggestions as to the subject matter, and of course would be fine painting something that the wall owner requested, so long as it was along the same vein as what I normally do. I'd love to do a giant psychedelic Buddha, but I realize that may not be everyone's thing.

Maybe something like this? But more patterns, less traditional and more awesome sauce?
(I don't even want to talk about where this painting might be right now. Another time.)

So find me a wall, Philly, and I'll give you a mural.

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