Monday, December 13, 2010

Productivity has resumed

Hola, friends and internet universe!

I'm back this week with a fixed computer (thankfully the part was some kind of manufacturers defect so I didn't have to pay for it) and some new paintings. Not that anyone is reading this, but still worth a try. (And if you are reading - how about leaving a comment, or "following" my blog? Just so I know you're there, of course.) I'm still relatively new at this trying-to-be-an-artist thing, and while this was partially by choice, I did think I'd have found a job by now. Technically, I do have an actual job job - but it's only for a few days a month so it's clearly not paying the bills. If only I had been fired... then I would be collecting unemployment and everything would be gravy. I tried, trust me. Apparently there isn't much you can do at UPenn to get you fired that they would approve giving you an unemployment check. It's for the best, though. Since quitting back in August, everyone that asks how I'm doing says "Well, at least you're not at that job anymore! It was making you so miserable!" And then I think - wow, was I really that miserable and secondly, was I actually that vocal about it? To everyone? I guess so. So, technically, I'm doing pretty good... although it wouldn't hurt to find another part time job and sell some artwork/paintings/prints. HEY I HEARD THEY MAKE GRRRREAAAT XMAS/HOLIDAY/KWANZAA/BIRTHDAY/NEW YEARS GIFTS! Well, you are correct - they certainly do. Especially the affordable art prints, which I hopefully will be putting in an order at M3 Printing for very soon. Get at me if you'd like one!

Recently I've completed a few paintings that were inspired by the sketches I made for a mural I was supposed to paint. (Oh, that was a sad story if I ever heard one - I did three rounds of designs for these guys opening a restaurant, and just as I was about to have them sign a contract they backed out. The contract will come first next time. Lesson learned.) My most favorite so far is this one:

Angler Fish / 8" x 11.5" / acrylic on wood

Here is a hilarious comic about the angler fish that was my other source of inspiration for this guy. I mean, girl. Whatever. How The Male Angler Fish Gets Completely Screwed. (Please, take a minute to read it, I promise you will not be disappointed.)

Here is another fish I painted in the last week:

Rockfish (miniature) / 5" x 2.75" / acrylic on gessoboard

Even though it appears I have some weird mental block about re-painting some of the designs - I'm attempting a giant squid, which was my main subject for that project, and it's just not working for me yet - I am somewhat interested in making these a series. Creepy/beautiful/dark sea life... maybe some other elements I've been experimenting with, we'll see.

Since my show debut, I've been experimenting a lot with new images and ideas. The show features my work from nearly four or five years ago up until November, and even since August I have had a notion that my concepts have been shifting. I still stand enthusiastically behind all my buddhas, flowers of life and portraits - but I haven't been interested in painting Buddhas for quite some time now. It simply does not fit my mood at the moment. I invested a lot of time writing my artists statement before the show, ( which I need to post on my website still ) and I reference the universe and sacred geometry throughout the entire thing. It's not that I'm suddenly not interested in those things - in fact, I started to get really into studying sacred geometry other than the flower of life during the research prior to writing it. I still have some plans, although it may not happen for awhile. I allegedly sold one of my paintings at the show - I say "allegedly" only because I haven't yet received any money for it and it's still hanging in the gallery. Funny story about that painting - it's actually version 2 of the same image, and the original painting (which was much bigger) is the only other painting I've ever sold in my life. It's also a landscape, which according to the internet is the subject matter most often purchased by those buying art. Complications in my personal life made enjoying the money from the sale nearly impossible, so a few years later I decided to paint it again and it was the only painting to "sell" from the opening.

Here it is:
Southern Sun #2 / 16" x 20" / oil on board

Even though I will keep working on all my different projects, I have decided to paint some more landscapes/city streetscapes in a similar fashion, and have been taking photos to work from. This is my attempt at making myself more marketable and turning my work into something sell-able... and hopefully it'll work.

Here are some of the photos I've taken that may be turned into paintings:

So, we'll see how that turns out. I'm getting a batch of photos printed tonight (oh how I long for a full setup - scanner, printer, xerox machine maybe...) and hope to start sketching some out this week. As usual, I tend to work on like 5 different things at once so I don't get bored or burned out... so until my commissions get set up or I magically find a job tomorrow, this is what I'll be doing with my time. Oh, and "blogging" I suppose... God I hate that word.

On that note - I'm out of here. Adios!

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